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Sorento is a travel agency in Israel. Sorento started working in 1997 and our specialty is out going travel. In 2010 we started dealing with incoming travel to Israel. today we have specific department that deals only with incoming travel to Israel. 

Travel in Israel

The State of Israel is a very interesting place to visit especially its de-facto yet unofficial capital city of Jerusalem. The nearest travel agency often caters to travelers to this rich, historical and intriguing nation. Despite the almost daily bad publicity of some areas especially the Gaza Strip and West Bank, the rest of Israel is relatively peaceful. The weather is mostly pleasant except during summer, the people are friendly, their technology is advanced, many areas are safe and secure and there is a wealth of history and culture to be seen and learned.

It is easy to travel to Israel since often a travel agency is busy catering to Jewish, Christian and Muslim pilgrims on their way to the city of Jerusalem. Israel is a country in the Middle-East. It is bordered by Jordan and the West Bank to the east, Egypt and the Gaza strip to the west, and Syria and Lebanon to the north. These borders are for the modern state of Israel but the Land of Israel of biblical times covers a larger area which includes Palestine and parts of Jordan and Egypt. Modern Israel was founded only in 1948 but the country traces back its history for thousands of years giving it plenty of historical and cultural attractions. Israel has been inhabited for over 50,000 years. The general region has been home to several ancient civilizations and is known as the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity. The Land of Israel has been conquered by almost every major empire in the area. Many of the Jewish natives have been expelled after their revolt against the occupying Roman Empire in 70CE later to return when the country was re-created in 1948.

Before the return of the Jewish population during the early 20th century, the area was mostly occupied by Arabs and Muslims. Jerusalem, the holy city, was conquered by Muslims and also became one of their religious centers and was the focus of the medieval Crusades which were meant take back the Holy Land from the Muslims. Shortly after its re-creation, Israel was at war with its Arab neighbors in 1947 but was victorious. Fighting continued until 1967 where Israel won a decisive victory, winning several territories and brokering peace with some of its neighbors like Jordan and Egypt.

Israel is now a progressive country with a stable market economy and a diverse population. It can easily be visited through almost any travel agency for touring and pilgrimage as it is the center for three of the world’s major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). It has a beautiful Mediterranean climate which can get hot during summer but fair during the other seasons. There are plenty of places to visit especially in Jerusalem and getting to these places should be easy through Israel’s efficient public transport system.

Some famous sites in Israel include the Western Wall (the remains of King Solomon’s temple) in Jerusalem; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (said to be built atop the site of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion); the Al Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Sunni Islam) and the Dome of the Rock. Other sites in Israel include the Dead Sea, the world’s saltiest sea and the lowest point on Earth; the Red Sea in eilat with its many resorts; the vibrant city of Tel Aviv; the Town of Nazareth (hometown of Jesus Christ); and the West Bank which includes Bethlehem (birthplace of Jesus) and Hebron, Judaism’s second holiest city. Israel has many more sites to choose from and more information can be gathered from any travel agency which conducts travels to Israel.