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What is 3000 years old and has a history like no other place in the world? Everyone knows its name from a very young age because it is not only steeped in antiquity but spirituality. From ancient times to today’s modern day technological world Jerusalem is never, not in the news.

It is recorded that God sent Abraham to Israel in 1738 BCE and soon after he visited Jerusalem for a blessing from the king. In 866 BCE Jerusalem becomes the capital of Israel. King Solomon built the first Temple that was destroyed by the Babylonians 400 years later. The second Temple was built in 352 BCE and 400 years later it too was destroyed, this time by the Romans.  

In 312 BCE Jews were expelled from Jerusalem by Christianity and the Muslims allowed their return until 1099 Christians defeat the Muslims and kill all the Jews. Jerusalem became run down and disease infested yet the Jews dreamed of returning. In 1267 a synagogue was built, Turks conquer Jerusalem in 1517 and in 1917 the British conquer Jerusalem.

By 1948, 650,000 Jews lived in Israel with 100,000 in Jerusalem. In 1967 the famous Six-Day-War changed everything. On June 7th, 1967 after 2,000 years Jerusalem was united and was once again the capital of Israel, 2,800 years after King David made it the capital and 2000 years after the Romans destroyed it.

Many historians mark this event as possibly the most pronounced event in the entirety of world history and that is why Jerusalem is continually superior rated in tourism by all the elite leaders in the travel tourism industry.

Today, world travel is easier than ever as far as transportation but more demanding in patience by initiating security measures because of hostile world events.  Even in economical challenging times, tourism numbers continue to impress the travel industry. Most first time visitors will want to be part of a tour group to see the highlights of Jerusalem in an organized way that will help you return again and again to explore on your own.

The memorials, museums, old city, tunnels, zoo, Dome of the Rock, Christ’s Tomb, Tower of David, Holocaust Museum, Temple Mount, Garden of Gethsemane and The Garden Tomb are just a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of things to return to year after year if given the opportunity to Jerusalem.

No other name over 3000 years has meant so much to so many and according to world historians and recorded history there is a lot more to be historically revealed.

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